Wrestling From The Heartland: The Lost Developmental Territory Volume 1

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The year is 2001 and the wrestling business has changed drastically. There is only one national wrestling promotion left in existence and, without competing promotions to scout established talent in, a developmental system is formed to groom the next generation’s superstars.

Footage, stories, and stars from Ohio Valley, Memphis, Georgia, and Florida have been showcased and spotlighted in numerous platforms, but one particular developmental system was seemingly lost to time… until now. This is the story of when Cincinnati’s Heartland Wrestling Association was a breeding ground for future global stars.
We have uncovered hours of footage previously thought to be destroyed, presented in its last surviving form, to preserve an important time of change and transition in pro wrestling. Hosted by HWA Owner & Trainer Les Thatcher & Joe Dombrowski, you’ll hear the inside stories on the talent & the training, the highs & lows, and the trials & tribulations of being “developmental”.

*John Cena, before ever making his national television debut, battles Nigel McGuiness as part of a six-man tag team match!
*BONUS: Two legendary rebels meet during the height of the era of “Attitude”! It’s Cactus Jack vs. “Road Dogg” Jesse James in 1998!
*Eddie Guerrero competes in triple-threat cruiserweight action against Jamie Noble and Matt Stryker!
*Charlie Haas Returns To The Ring Following The Untimely Death Of His Brother Russ
*Raven vs. Stevie Richards in a wild “Raven’s Rules” match!
*Featuring over 40 globally recognized names including The Big Show, Rikishi, Ron Simmons, Haku, D’Lo Brown, The Island Boys (aka Umaga/Jamal and Rosey), Victoria, Bobby Roode, Molly Holly, Val Venis, Al Snow, Brian “Spanky” Kendrick, Steve Blackman, Shannon Moore, Jimmy Yang, Shark Boy, Mike Awesome, Chris Kanyon, Albert, Justin Credible, Lance Cade, Mark Jindrak, Elix Skipper, Maven, Pepper Parks, Johnny “The Bull” Stamboli, BJ Whitmer, “Above Average” Mike Sanders, Brian Lee (aka Chainz from DOA), Evan Karagias, Kaz Hayashi, The Pit Bulls, EZ Money & more!
Includes: Uncontrollable streetfights, a death-defying ladder match, high-flying cruiserweights and hard-hitting heavyweights! 25 Matches In All!
Runtime: 6.5 Hrs.

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