VOW September 2, 2017 "Lord of Anarchy 3" - Fairmont, WV

Vow 09 02 2017 1

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1. Quarter Final/VOW Anarchy Championship: Adam Bueller vs. Colt 45 vs. Drew Chaos vs. Mr. Claxton(c) vs. Reed Bentley
2. Quarter Final All Tangled Up: G-Raver vs. Toby Klein
3. Quarter Final Into The Pits Of Madness: John Wayne Murdoch vs. Nick Gage
4. Quarter Final Spiders On The Glass: Dale Patricks vs. Matt Tremont
5. Quarter Final Cabin In The Woods: Jeff Cannonball vs. Jimmy Lloyd vs. Josh Crane vs. Mad Man Pondo
6. Semi-Final Welcome To The Slaughterhouse/VOW Anarchy Championship: G-Raver vs. Mr. Claxton(c)
7. Semi-Final Dead On Arrival: Dale Patricks vs. John Wayne Murdoch
8. Semi-Final Skinned Alive: Jeff Cannonball vs. Josh Crane
9. Lord of Anarchy 3 Final Light Tube Prison
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