TCW "The Women of TCW"

Tidal best of womens vol1 1

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1. Lana Austin vs. Leah von Dutch vs. Violet O'Hara (11/26/13- Tidal Wave '13)
2. Lana Austin vs. Kay Lee Ray vs. Pollyanna vs. Violet O'Hara (2/9/14- Wipe Out '14)
3. Kay Lee Ray vs. Violet O'Hara (6/23/14- 20,000 Leagues Under the Tyne)
4. Ruby Summers vs. Violet Vendetta (9/6/14- It Came From the Deep)
5. Kimber Lee vs. Violet O'Hara (10/8/14- Against All Odds '14)
6. Kay Lee Ray vs. Nixon Newell vs. Ruby Summers (11/7/14- Tidal Wave '14)
7. Addy Starr vs. Lana Austin vs. Nixon Newell (11/23/14- Anniversary #1)
8. Lana Austin & Ruby Summers vs. Nixon Newell & Violet O'Hara (12/21/14- Silent Nightmare '14)
9. Courtney vs. Lana Austin (1/31/15- The Tides They Are A-Changin)
10. Nixon Newell vs. Violet O'Hara (2/8/15- Wipe Out '15)
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