Shoot Interview "JC Rotten"

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"Second generation talent are a unique breed. Many times they've grown up around the wrestling business and seen more than most wrestlers before ever lacing up a pair of boots. This is doubled down with the children of promoters. As is the case with this debut edition of this new shoot interview series, with JC Rotten.

JC sat down to conduct this shoot interview on June 22, 2018 following the Revolution Strong Style tournament in his own home. JC held nothing back, covering his now 5+ year career, as well as being around IWA Mid South for his entire life. JC was a very open book in talking about;

* Being around the IWA locker room as a child and what it was like growing up around wrestling
* Being involved in angles at a very young age, including working with The Iron Saints
* The friends he made in wrestling before lacing up the boots
* Learning from Chris Hero before he even knew he was going to become a wrestler.
* Learning of the passings of JC Bailey & Larry Sweeney and extended thoughts on both.
* Deathmatch wrestling, philopshies around deathmatches, the best weapons to use, the worst, and his beliefs on deathmatches in general
* Thoughts on other promotions running similarly to IWA Mid South

This interview covers a LOT of ground and runs for over three hours. Learn who JC Rotten is, the man behind the character, and get inside of one of the minds helping keep IWA Mid South on the map.
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