RISE Wrestling January 19, 2019 "Ascent: Row On The Rise Episodes 23-27" - Texas City, TX

Rise 01 19 2019 3

Rise 01 19 2019 3Rise 01 19 2019 1Rise 01 19 2019 3


Episode 23 - New Talents, New Town
1. In-Ring with Kylie Rae
2. The Insidious One vs. Phoebe
3. World Class Development Seminar Package #1
4. Backstage with Rok-C
5. Lynette Lazo vs. Rok-C
6. Backstage with Phoenix of RISE Mercedes Martinez

Episode 24 - Threat, Tripled
1. Cold Open with Paradise Lost
2. Big Mama vs. Killa Kate
3. Backstage with "SUPERSTAR" Miranda Alize
4. Triple Threat: Delilah Doom with Rosemary vs. Shotzi Blackheart vs. Rachael Ellering
5. Rosemary meets Delilah Doom at the Curtain

Episode 25 - A Hard Bae's Knight
1. ROW Diamond Division Championship: (C) Hyan vs. "SUPERSTAR" Miranda Alize
2. Backstage with The Killer Death Machines
3. World Class Development Seminar Package #2
4. The BAEVivor Series - Heather Monroe, Laura James, Raychell Rose and Ali Bama vs. AQA, "Rookie Jen" Jenna Lynn, Hawlee Cromwell and Saraya Knight
5. LEGENDARY Moment for AQA

Episode 26 - Dealing with Death and Lost
1. Backstage with Big Mama
2. Big Mama vs. Rok-C
3. Fire of a Phoenix - Kylie Rae
4. Guardians of RISE Tag Team Championship: (C) Paradise Lost with Rosemary vs. The Killer Death Machines
5. Delilah Doom Has to Tell Shotzi Blackheart Something

Episode 27 - Today's Best, Tomorrow's Brightest
1. Backstage with "SUPERSTAR" Miranda Alize and Kylie Rae
2. Backstage with Phoenix of RISE Mercedes Martinez
3. Phoenix of RISE Championship: (C) Mercedes Martinez vs. Kylie Rae
4. The Main Event of LEGENDARY is Set
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