Pro Wrestling Championship Series and St. Louis Anarchy December 6, 2015 "STL Mega-Ticket" - Alton, IL

Pwcs 12 06 2015 1

Pwcs 12 06 2015 1Pwcs 12 06 2015 2Pwcs 12 06 2015 3


1. Paco Gonzalez vs Christian Rose
2. Jay Howard and Roy Lewis (with JA Fair) vs Alexander Rudolph and Jake Parnell
3. Kikutaro vs Pierre Abernathy
4. Colt Cabana vs Jeremy Wyatt
5. Danny Adams (with Greg Jovi) vs Mike Outlaw (with Makaze)
6. St. Louis Anarchy Heavyweight Title Match: Zakk Sawyers vs Gary Jay (c)
7. Grado vs Mr. Connors (with Mr. Gelistico, Mr. Caster, and Austin Blackburn)
8. 2015 PWCS Championship Match: Chaos Nation (KC Karrington, Pierre Abernathy, Evan Gelistico, and Adam Caster) vs The Resurgence (Steven Kennedy, Jake Dirden, Mat Fitchett, and Davey Vega)
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