Premier "Best of Premier Championship Wrestling: Year Three"

Pcw best volume 3 1

Pcw best volume 3 1


Premier spent its third year in historic Turners Hall in Cleveland, OH in a state of chaos. Factions drew battle lines and held a massive turf war for power, control, and territory. Ring announcers were baited into matches to fight for what they believe in. Young up-and-coming talents came into their own, while others returned to re-claim what they feel is theirs. There was never a more competitive and unpredictable time in Premier than the matches and moments that made up the Best of Year Three!
Ten-Man Turf War Elimination Tag Team Match: Ron Mathis, Chris LeRusso, Ganon Jones Jr, Duke Davis & Tony Johnson vs. Gory, Atticus Cogar, Remy LaVey, Cornelius Crummels & Sonny Defarge
J-Rocc & Dave Kich vs. Andrew Palace & Nick Lendl
Premier Championship: Ron Mathis vs. Gory
Premier Championship: Gory vs. Chris LeRusso
Welterweight Championship: Dylan Bostic vs. Trey MiguelPremier Tag Team Championship CHIKARA Rules: Ganon Jones Jr & Duke Davis vs. Cornelius Crummels & Sonny Defarge
Loser of the Fall Leaves Premier: Chris LeRusso, Ganon Jones Jr & Duke Davis vs. Atticus & Otis Cogar and Remy LaVey
No DQ: Gory vs. Krimson
Lee Moriarty vs. Myron Reed

Jack Pollock, Jaxon Argos & RC Dupree vs. Rickey Shane Page, Gregory Iron & Sonny Vice

No DQ: Miss Hannah vs. Zoey Skye

Ace Perry vs. Ophidian
Holidead vs. Ray Lyn vs. Joseline Navarro
Dave Kich vs. Nick LendlPlus Unforgettable Moments Including:
*The return of Wardlow!
*Ashton Day’s Debut Concert Performance!
*Sonny Vice Returns To Betray Andrew Palace
*The Culmination Declares War On Chris LeRusso’s Court!
*Calvin Couture Meets Super Oprah!
*Dave Kich Is Banned From The Building!

Approx Runtime: 5 Hours

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