LXW July 26, 2014 "Invasion of the Ubermenschen" - Jasper, TN

Lxw 07 26 2014 1

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1. Money in the Bank Rumble Match: Bubba Boodrow vs. El Pollo Diablo vs. Eric Michaels vs. Jeff Hart vs. Justin Fireball vs. Kornbread vs. Super Brown
2. LXW Extraordinary Championship: Memphis Monrow vs. Red Solo Cup
3. Dynomite vs. Reptiloid
4. Duke Beefhammer & Quesazilla vs. L.O.S.E.R. (El Manos & Stretcher the Pooh)
5. Andrew Goldstein vs. Kyle Bakula
6. Barefoot Thumbtacks, House of Pain, Legos, Push Pins, 300 Carpet Strips, Weedwhacker Death Match: COLT 45  vs. OTIS
7. Falls Count Anywhere Street Fight: Demon Master vs. Major Havoc
8. Fans Bring The Weapons Death Match: Big Donnie vs. Little Donnie vs. Porkchop Cash Jr.
9. Gusset Plate doors and light tubes death match: Dokken Zeige vs. Raven Havoc
10. Barbed Wire, Light Tube Bundles of Joy Death Match: SICKNESS (Bryant Woods, Spidar Boodrow & Terry Houston) vs. The Ubermenschen (Acid, Freakshow & John Rare)
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