Kaiju Big Battel "More Better Fighto" - 2007

Kaiju morebetterfighto 2007 1

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Kaiju Big Battel "More Better Fighto" - 2007
1. Neo Teppen vs. Call-Me-Kevin
2. Dusto Bunny vs. Gomiman
3. Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle vs. Unibouzu
4. American Beetle vs. Call-Me-Kevin
5. Fan Contest Gone Wrong
6. Hell Monkey vs. Unibouzu
7. Napalean (w/ Dr. Cube) vs. Dusto Bunny
8. Rucky Charm Battel
9. Kaiju Championship: Hell Monkey (c) (w/ Dr. Cube) vs. Unibouzu
10. The Neo Teppen Show: Grudyin vs. Neo Teppen
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