IWS "Kill Steen Kill: Best Of Kevin Steen Vol. 1"

Iws best of steen vol1 1

Iws best of steen vol1 1Iws best of steen vol1 2Iws best of steen vol1 3


  1. Kevin Steen vs. Exess  ("V" 6-15-2004)
  2. Kevin Steen vs. Exess Vs Sexxxy Eddy (Freedom to Fight 9-24-2004)
  3. Kevin Steen vs. Fred Le Mervielle (Blood, Sweat, and Beers 10-23-2004)
  4. Kevin Steen vs. Exess vs. Franky the Mobster vs. Kurt Lauderdale vs. Pierre Carl Oulette vs. El Generico (Born to Bleed 11-28-2004)
  5. Kevin Steen vs. Franky the Mobster (UnFnSanctioned 03-26-2005)
  6. Kevin Steen vs. Damien (Born to Bleed 05-28-2005)
  7. Vs El Generico ("V" IWS Championship 6-15-2004 First ever one on one meeting anywhere)
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