IWA Mid-South October 21, 1997 "King of the Death Matches" - New Albany, IN

Iwa mid south 10 21 1997 1

Iwa mid south 10 21 1997 1Iwa mid south 10 21 1997 2Iwa mid south 10 21 1997 3



1. Music Video 
2. Thumbtack Bat & Barbed Wire Boards: Bull Pain vs Rollin Hard
3. Barbed Wire Boards & Thumbtack Bats: Cash Flo vs. Ian Rotten
4. Bat & Barbed Wire Board: Balls Mahoney vs War Machine #1
5. Barbed Wire Bat: Doug Gilbert vs Ox Harley
6. Four Corners of Pain: Axl Rotten vs War Machine #2
7. Four Corners of Pain: Mad Man Pondo vs Tower of Doom
8. Spider Net: Ian Rotten vs Rollin Hard
9. Axl Rotten vs Balls Mahoney 
10. Spider Web: Doug Gilbert vs Mad Man Pondo
11. Electrified Light Tube: Axl Rotten vs. Ian Rotten
Bonus Match- Ian Rotten vs. Mad Man Pondo No Rope Barbed Wire Electrified Light Bulb Death Match from The Night The Lights Went Out In Louisville 1997


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