IWA Mid-South November 22, 2018 "Wrestlefeast" - Jeffersonville, IN

Iwa mid south 11 22 2018 1

Iwa mid south 11 22 2018 1Iwa mid south 11 22 2018 2Iwa mid south 11 22 2018 3


1. Riley McGuire vs. Tre Lemar
2. Biff Wellington III vs. Lincoln Moseley
3. Everything But The Kitchen Sink: Ace Perry vs. Pat Monix
4. Dewey Wellington vs. Frank Wyatt
5. IWA Mid-South Tag Team Championship, Survivor Series Rules, If The Player’s Club Fail To Win The Titles Billy The P Must Kiss Dakota Bostock’s Ass: Adam Slade, Billy the P & Lukas Jacobs vs. Dakota Bostock, JC Rotten & Larry D(c)
6. IWA  Mid South  Heavyweight & Junior Heavyweight Championship Vs. Aaron Williams’ Career In IWA Mid South: Aaron Williams vs. Logan James(c)
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