IWA Mid-South May 18 & 19, 2018 "King of the Death Match Tournament 2018" - Memphis, IN

Iwa ms 05 19 2018 1

Iwa ms 05 19 2018 1Iwa mid south 05 18 2018 1Iwa mid south 05 18 2018 2


Night 1:
1. First Round Barbed Wire Bat/Boards & Loose Light Tubes: Devon Moore vs. John Wayne Murdoch vs. Amazing Maria
2. First Round Four Corners Of Pain & Taipei: Bryant Woods vs. Conor Claxton vs. Rickey Shane Page
3. First Round: Home Run Derby: JC Rotten vs. Mike Roach vs. Nick Gage
4. First Round Gusset Plate Chairs, Light Tube Doors, & Loose Tubes: Aeroboy vs. Eric Ryan vs. Shlak
5. First Round: Barbed Wire Ladders, Hot Coals & Light Tube Pits: Dale Patricks vs. Miedo Extremo vs. Neil Diamond Cutter
6. First Round Fans Bring The Weapons: Ciclope vs. G-Raver vs. Markus Crane

Night 2:

1. Quarter Final Cinder Blocks & Light Tubes: Conor Claxton vs. Devon Moore vs. Markus Crane
2. Quarter Final Shopping Cart Death: JC Rotten vs. Neil Diamond Cutter vs. Rickey Shane Page
3. Quarter Final Gusset Plate Madness & Light Tube Ropes: Aeroboy vs. Ciclope vs. Miedo Extremo
4. Quarter Final Fans Bring The Weapons: John Wayne Murdoch vs. Nick Gage vs. Shlak
5. Semi-Final World Series Of Glass Light Tube Edition: Markus Crane vs. Rickey Shane Page
6. Semi-Final World Series Of Glass Mirrors Edition: Ciclope vs. Nick Gage
7. Bryant Woods vs. Dale Patricks vs. G-Raver
8. King of the Death Matches 2018 House of Horrors Final
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