IWA Mid-South March 10, 2018 "Prince Of The Death Matches 2018" - Memphis, IN

Iwa mid south 03 10 2018 1

Iwa mid south 03 10 2018 1Iwa mid south 03 10 2018 2Iwa mid south 03 10 2018 3


1. First Round Electrified Light Tubes/Light Tube Canvas: Alister Wilde vs. Cash Borden vs. JC Rotten
2. First Round Barbed Wire Boards/Barbed Wire Bat/Four Corners Of Pain: Kody Rice vs. Orin Veidt vs. Tripp Cassidy
3. First Round Home Run Derby: Gary Galaxy vs. Justin Storm vs. Mike Roach
4. First Round Thumbtack Madness: Eric Wayne vs. Amazing Maria vs. Marko Stunt
5. Semi-Final Drunken Tai Pei: Justin Storm vs. Amazing Maria
6. Semi-Final Fans Bring The Weapons: JC Rotten vs. Tripp Cassidy
7. Prince Of The Death Matches 2018 Final
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