IWA Mid-South December 26, 2019 "Christmas Stampede" - Jeffersonville, IN

Iwa mid south 12 26 2019 1

Iwa mid south 12 26 2019 1Iwa mid south 12 26 2019 2


1. Finishers Match: Lukas Jacobs vs. Victor Vargus
2. Lincoln Moseley vs. Joe Trigga Travis
3. Joshua Rupiper vs. Loki Havik
4. Falls Count Anywhere Match: Ronnie Roberts & Un4seen Perez vs. Big Cuz & Drew Dillinger
5. Mr Wrestling 69 vs. Reilly Maguire
6. IWA Women's Title Match: Alice Crowley vs. Kayla Kassidy
7. Brandon Taggart vs. Stonewall
8. Ray Waddell vs. Michael Hayes
9. IWA World Title Match: Kevin Giza vs. Aaron Williams
10. Christmas Stampede, Come as You Are, Bring What You Want: Drew Dillinger, Mr Wrestling 69 Loki Havik, Mike Roach, Reilly Maguire, Victor Vargus, Stonewall, Michael Hayes, CJ Hatler, Thunderkitty, Ray Waddell, Joe Trigga Travis, Aaron Williams, Brandon Taggart, Un4seen Perez, Ronnie Roberts, Kayla Kassidy, Joshua Rupiper, Lincoln Moseley, Big Cuz

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