IWA Mid-South August 8, 2019 "Now We Go To School" - Jeffersonville, IN

Iwa mid south 08 08 2019 1

Iwa mid south 08 08 2019 1Iwa mid south 08 08 2019 2Iwa mid south 08 08 2019 3


1. Logan James vs. Sam Thompson
2. No DQ: Austin Carte vs. Raul La Motta
3. No DQ: Alice Crowley vs. Max the Impaler
4. Falls Count Anywhere: Sage Philips vs. Zach Pittman
5. IWA Mid-South Junior Heavyweight Championship Lukas Jacobs vs. Kevin Giza
6. Aidan Blackhart vs. Amazing Maria
7. IWA Mid-South Tag Team Championship #1 Contender: Brayden Lee & Chase Holliday vs. Lola Perez & Ronnie Roberts vs. Mamas Boys
8. Pick Your First Round Opponent In TPI: Aaron Williams vs. Adam Slade vs. Kongo Kong vs. Larry D

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