IWA East Coast September 16, 2006 "Masters of Pain" - Charleston, WV

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1. Crazy Monkey" Jun Kasai vs. "Mr. Insanity" Toby Klein - No Ropes Barbed-Wire Lobster Pit 
2. Mad Man Pondo vs. "The Deranged One" Coke Hane - Fantastic Four 
3. Corporal Robinson vs. "Psycho Shooter" Drake Younger - Garden of Eden 
4. JC Bailey vs. 2 Tuff Tony - Fans Bring The Weapons 
5. "Crazy Monkey" Jun Kasai vs. Mad Man Pondo - Electrified Lighttubes 
6. JC Bailey vs. Corporal Robinson - Ghetto Shoes Barefoot Thumbtack 
7. "Crazy Monkey" Jun Kasai vs. JC Bailey - Barbed-Wire Cage/Bed of Nails

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