IWA Deep South / LXW "Shoots w/ John Rare & Spidar Boodrow, Ronnie Jenkins & Borriss Dukkee"

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Lxw shoot john rare 1Lxw shoot boriss dukkee 1Lxw shoot ronnie jenkins 1


1. Death Match Chronicles Volume 1:  SAW special edition featuring "Angel of Death" John Rare and Spidar Boodrow. Both men sit down and shoot about their SAW matches, answer questions, discuss all the controversy and more.  This release includes The first 3 SAW matches featuring Spidar Boodrow vs. "Angel of Death" John Rare
SAW 1 -- Carnage Cup 7  February 26, 2011
SAW 2 -- Carnage Cup 8  March 1, 2012
SAW 3 -- Carnage Cup 9  November 17, 2013

2. "Rapeface" Ronnie Jenkins perverted injustice edition : Go behind the scene as we set up a sting to catch, and try to sit down and conduct a shoot with one of the most controversial characters in the Deep South. We cover everything from his sexual escapades with young girls, his many fetishes, to haggling drywall, to Rasslin, no subject goes untouched in this uncensored and graphic shoot.

3. "The Latvian Legend" Boriss Dukkee shoot: Ringside Video sits down with another very controversial character maybe even more controversial than Ronnie Jenkins. We talk about growing up in Latvia, backyard wrestling, his time as a Gigolo, his experience in the BDSM lifestyle, his taste in women, wars in the ring, why he came to America, and much more.
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