IWA Deep South February 29, 2020 "Shoot Style Baby & Lethal Leap Year" - Carrolton, GA

Iwa deep south 02 29 2020

Iwa deep south 02 29 2020Iwa deep south 03 01 2020


Shoot Style Baby
1. Phil Macchio vs Red Solo Cup
2. Akira vs. (I forgot what name Peter B Beautiful used for the match actually)
3. Cody McCulley vs. Hoss Michaels
4. Little Donnie vs. Mr. Krystal
5. Phil Macchio vs Little Donnie
6. Akira vs. Cody McCulley
7. 12 rounds of boxing Jeremy Snaker vs. Raider Rock
8. Akira vs. Phil Macchio

Lethal Leap Year
1. Phil Macchio vs. Hoss Michaels
2. Mike Jackson vs. “widowmaker” Greg Dotson
3. 5 vs 5 tag team Green World Order vs. Canadian Outlaws Boriss Dukkee, American Giant, Jeremy Snaker, Mikey, Nosferatu vs. Jeff Hart, Little Donnie, Juicy Bruce, Mr. Krystal, Cody McCulley
4. Blaine Evans vs. Jay Blade
5. Alex Herzog vs. Satu Jinn
6. Neil Diamond Cutter vs. Chuck Stein
7. Aiden Blackheart vs. Akira
8. Peter B. Beautiful vs. John Rare

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