Inspire Pro Wrestling "Best Of Athena In Inspire Pro Wrestling"

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1. Athena vs. Veda Scott (In Their Blood - 5/25/2014)
2. Athena vs. Kat Green (No Turning Back - 7/27/2014)
3. Athena vs. Barbi Hayden (Relentless - 8/31/2014)
4. Athena Competes In The J-Crown Coronation Gauntlet (Ecstasy Of Gold II - 1/4/2015)
5. Athena vs. Nicole Savoy (Undeniable - 2/15/2015)
6. Athena’s Final Independent Wrestling Match: Athena vs. Jessica James (Battle Wars 2: Battle Beyond The Stars - 9/13/2015)
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