Fight Or Die "Blood Fire & Barbed Wire"

Fod blood volume 1 1

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1. WCWO Cage Fest 10/26/18 (Steel Cage Match): Joey Kidd Owens vs. Calvin Tankman
2. FOD First Day Out 2/24/19 (Death Match): Dale Patricks vs. Levi Everett
3. FOD Shipping Out to Naptown (Hardcore Bar Room Brawl): Bradley Prescott IV vs. Dale Patricks
4. FOD Revenge of the Fifth 5/5/19 (10,000 Thumbtacks Hardcore Match): Dale Patricks vs. Cole Radrick
5. FOD Oh Well Whatever Nevermind 7/19/19 (Come As You Are, Raven's Rules, No DQ Hardcore Match): Shawn Kemp vs. Sonico
6. FOD Oh Chairman Where Art Thou 12/15/19 (Street Fight): Dale Patricks vs. Justin Kyle
7. WCWO Outlaw Arena 12/20/19 (30 Minute Iron Man Hardcore Match): Ace Perry vs. Dale Patricks

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