Evolution Pro Wrestling October 11, 2014 "Hardcore Harvest 2014" - New Albany, IN

Evopro 10 11 2014 1

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1. First Round: TLC Match- "Mean" Mitch Page vs. Zodiak
2. First Round: Thumbtack Kickpad match- Kaden Sade vs. Lee Byford
3. First Round: Drunken Bar Fight- John Wayne Murdoch vs. Josh Crow
4. First Round: Home Run Derby match- Matt Tremont vs. Mikey McFinnegan
5. First Round: Toybox Deathmatch- Christian Skyfire vs. Wickid
6. First Round: Barbed Wire Madness- Aaron Anders vs. Josh Crane
7. First Round: Fans Bring the Thumbtacks/EPW Openweight Championship- Mr. D'Angelo Sosa vs. Tripp Cassidy(c)
8. First Round: House by the Video Store Deathmatch- Dale Patricks vs. Reed Bentley
9. Second Round: Byford Smash Deathmatch- John Wayne Murdoch vs. Lee Byford
10. Second Round: Glass Madness Match- Christian Skyfire vs. Josh Crane
11. Second Round: Fans Bring The Weapons/EPW Openweight Championship- Reed Bentley vs. Tripp Cassidy(c)
12. Second Round: Fans Bring The Weapons match- Matt Tremont vs. "Mean" Mitch Page
13. Hardcore Harvest Final
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