DreamWave Wrestling "Behind the DREAM: The Making of AnnIVersary Documentary"

Dw 04 12 2013 1

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An unprecedented documentary with over 90 minutes of behind the scenes footage. Go where you have never been before, as cameras follow around DREAMWAVE's top officials, wrestlers, and special guests leading up to ANNIVERSARY IV. See what goes into making a show happen. Behind the scenes footage of a vignette being made, the first ever look at a 3 p.m. talent meeting, the secret meeting between management and John Morrison, and much more. See how Morrison's surprise appearance at Season Premiere went down, what the top stars have to say about their AnnIVersary match, what they really think of DREAMWAVE and it's fans, and much more. Unprecedented access to one of the top indy promotions in America, as they lead up to their biggest show of the year ANNIVERSARY IV.

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