DeathProof Fight Club "An Intimate Evening with Warhed: 2014-2018"

Dpw 03 31 2018 1

Dpw 03 31 2018 1Dpw 03 31 2018 2Dpw 03 31 2018 3


Your host with the most, the King of Pain, Warhed, takes you on a magical journey with this special look back at some of his best matches from the last few years. Almost 3 hours long!

1. Fans Bring the Weapons: Warhed vs. Lufisto
2. Fans Bring the Weapons: Warhed vs. Necro Butcher
3. Drink, Fight and F*ck Sh*t Up Challenge: Warhed vs. Viking
4. Barbwire and Mousetraps: Warhed vs. Matt Cash
5. Deathproof Championship: Warhed (c) vs. Green Phantom
6. Toothpicks and Barbwire Webs: Warhed vs. Shaunymo
7. Deathproof Championship: Warhed vs. Tarik (c)
8. Deathproof Championship: Four Corners of Death: Warhed (c) vs. Jesse Amato
9. Steel Cage: Warhed & Matt Cash with Jessie Mack vs. Aiden Rayne and Tyler Hill with Bill Chase
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