Alpha-1 Wrestling "Ultimate Collection"

A1 08 01 2014 1

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1. Brodie Lee vs Player Dos

2. Michael Elgin vs Cloudy

3. Player Uno vs Ethan Page

4. Sonjay Dutt vs Ethan Page

5. Zema Ion vs Johnny Wave

6. Kevin Steen vs Jimmy Jacobs

7. Brodie Lee vs Alessandro Del Bruno

8. Super Smash Bros vs Checkmate

9. Brodie Lee vs Michael Elgin

10. Michael Elgin vs Josh Alexander

11. Last Man Standing Match: Cheech vs. Ashley Sixx

12. Brodie Lee vs Michael Elgin vs Josh Alexander

13. Josh Alexander vs Mike Rollins

14. DH Smith vs Tyson Dux vs Josh Alexander

15. Ladder Match: Josh Alexander vs Cheech

16. Elimination Match: Alexander vs Cheech vs Rollins

17. BJ Whitmer vs Ethan Page

18. Checkmate vs Steady Ballers

19. No DQ: Ethan Page vs Steve Brown

20. Fire Ant vs Josh Alexanander

21. Ethan Page vs RJ City vs Cheech vs Mike Rollins

22. TLC Match: Scotty O'Shea vs Alessandro Del Bruno

23. Josh Alexander vs Alessandro Del Bruno

24. Trent? vs Josh Alexander vs Eric Cairnie

25. Johnny Gargano vs Ethan Page


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