AIW January 28, 2011 "Girls Night Out 3" - Cleveland, OH

20110128aiw 2

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Guys Night Out Bonus Preshow:
1. The Duke VS. John Kermon
2. Gregory Iron VS. Kobald VS. "The Aftermath" Justin Lee VS. K.Fernadez VS. AERO! VS. Corey Winters
3. Tim Donst VS. Sonjay Dutt

Girls Night Out:
1. Roxie Cotton VS. Allysin Kay
2. Super Oprah VS. Mickie Knuckles
3. Isis VS. Jessicka Havok
4. Mickie Knuckles VS. Arella Angel
5. Madison Eagles VS. Mena Libra
6. AIW WOMENS TITLE: Angeldust (C) VS. Sara Del Ray

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