BBPW August 19, 2017 "Southern California Crimson Cup" - Sun Valley, CA

Bbpw 08 19 2017 1

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1. First Round Reefer Madness Death Match: Chuey Martinez & Homeless Jimmy vs. Guido & Mosh Pit Mike
2. First Round Guns N Rosez Death Match: Aidan Blackheart & Maxx vs. Carnage & Sage Sin
3. First Round Summertime Suicide Death Match: BC Killer & John Wayne Murdoch vs. Drew Chaos & Ray Basura
4. First Round B.Y.O.B. Death Match: Adam Bueller & Neil "Diamond" Cutter vs. JD Horror & Masada
5. Semi-Final Beds & Boards Of Brutality Death Match: BC Killer vs. Chuey Martinez vs. Homeless Jimmy vs. John Wayne Murdoch
6. Semi-Final Samhain Savagery Death Match: Carnage vs. JD Horror vs. Masada vs. Sage Sin
7. 2017 SoCal Crimson Cup Final:No Ropes, Fans Bring The Weapons Death Match
8. Bonus Match: Bobby Hollywood vs. The Messiah
9. Bonus Match: El Chupacabra vs. Fern Owens vs. Neil "Diamond" Cutter
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