IWA Mid-South August 6, 2016 "King of the Death Matches 2016" - New Albany, IN

Iwa mid south 08 06 2016 1

Iwa mid south 08 06 2016 1Iwa mid south 08 06 2016 2Iwa mid south 08 06 2016 3


1. First Round Fans Bring The Weapons: Conor Claxton vs. Deadly Dale vs. Jeff King vs. John Wayne Murdoch
2. First Round Barbed Wire Boards/Pits Of Gusset Plates/Pits Of Alcohol: Dale Patricks vs. Josh Crane vs. Markus Crane vs. Rickey Shane Page
3. First Round Light Tubes: Brad Cash vs. Bryant Woods vs. Jeff Cannonball vs. Matt Tremont
4. First Round Four Corners Of Pain/Carpet Strips/Fish Hook Ropes: Devon Moore vs. DJ Hyde vs. Joseph Schwartz vs. Reed Bentley
5. Semi-Final World Series Of Glass: Dale Patricks vs. Matt Tremont
6. Semi-Final Fans Bring The Weapons: DJ Hyde vs. John Wayne Murdoch
7. King Of The Death Matches 2016 House Of Horror Final

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